BenQ’s Latest Gaming Monitor

A True gamer is someone that started playing from a young age on the smallest devices and consoles. We know the struggles of having to play on a small monitor or something that doesn’t reflect the visuals of the game at its finest. And as the years go by, the desire and thirst in gamers rise, and companies have to keep up with the tempo to satisfy our needs.

Although a major part of this is given to the console itself and the joysticks, the monitors play a big part in the gaming industry as well. With the eyes as our primal sense, we need to feed them the most and take care of what they need.

Another addition here is the sitting position of console gamers. As the years pass by, we are all searching for a better playing position as time takes its toll on our body. The couch across the monitor is statistically the best sitting position for the majority of console gamers, therefore, you would need a big monitor with sharp colours and screen that could deliver the smallest of details happening in the background of the game all the way to the couch.

BenQ is familiar with all the things mentioned above, and they have focused on making monitors that are adapted for the gaming industry. According to an online survey, they are one of the finest monitors that a gamer could possibly have for an acceptable price, and there are tons of happy customers already spreading the word about it.

And since the gaming industry is pretty large (£83.48 Billion by the end of 2017 to be exact) there are many sharks in the tank and many companies that make gaming monitors, BenQ has to keep up with the pace and release new, updated and overall better pieces within short intervals of time. For that reason, BenQ ZOWIE series were released, to crush the competitors and their brilliant ideas with an even greater product, and guess what – they crushed them!

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Meet the new monitor display released by BenQ ZOWIE named RL 2455. With a 1920×1080 screen resolution across 24-inches and 60Hz refresh rate, it added a big drop in the pool of gaming monitors – a drop that can be seen from a great distance. With new games striving for fast reactive manoeuvres of the players, greater interaction and fast reaction, the Response time of this monitor is 1ms (GtG) which is an extreme speed.

With a typical brightness of 250 cd/m2, 1000:1 static contrast ratio, an anti-glare frame that reduces eye fatigue as well as a colour vibrance, it just makes the RL 2455 even greater and a piece everyone would like to have. What is great about the BenQ gaming monitors is that they are acceptable to every gamer regarding the price tag. You can place this perfect gaming monitor on your desk for just £139.99 and join the players already experiencing gaming at a different level.

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