The Best Classic Arcade Games

Nothing evokes the nostalgia inside us than seeing a game we spent our time on when we were young. The arcade games that we played will never be forgotten, and there will be countless of articles dedicated to them, as in its own way, they formed our personality and helped us grow, learn and achieve many things in our lives.

Therefore, we own them at least a page or two with good words and reminders of them if we are short of time to play them. Give our list a glance and please add any game that you think it’s worth mentioning.


Crazy Taxi

1999 was an awesome year for a racing game, as Crazy Taxi found its way out in the public! This game developed by Sega will always leave a mark in the Arcade gaming world as the game with one of the best music in it – The Offspring! And the crazies driving that, unfortunately, can be found all around the world.


Bubble Bobble

Released in 1986, Bubble Bobble is a game played by many players. It has Twins in Bubble Dragons Bub and Bob, and heritage in Double Bubble Slots.

Check out this game that was the most played in someone’s childhood, left an incredible mark while dodging enemies and collecting valuable items.


Tekken 3

Released in 1997, Tekken 3 was the ultimate game to play at that time, replacing the mother of violence in games Mortal Kombat, and closely competing with Street Fighter.

Smash those buttons in hopes of landing a winning combination that would immediately Knock Out your enemy and win the ultimate street tournaments!


Mortal Kombat

One of the most played fighter games of all time dates back from 1992. It’s the “Mother of Violence” in video games as it’s among the first video games with violence that hit the top at that period of time.  Choose from different characters and play with your friends in the multiplayer LAN mode.


Terminator 2

The shooting game from 1991 that left a great mark and paved the way for the other shooting games that were following. Terminator 2 was innovative, entertaining, interesting and addictive. Definitely, give this game a try if you haven’t had the chance when you were younger.


Metal Slug

The favourite Run and Gun game of all times – Metal Slug! Released in 1996 it didn’t take long for the game to go worldwide and make a huge baby boom. It was one of the most played games back in 1996 and we can still see people playing it!


Street Fighter 3

The Third version of the Street Fighters came in the same year as the Tekken 3, and they were furious at one another. With similar gameplay, a character that only differed one from another in minor elements, Street Fighter managed to climb on top of the arcade games in that time, being one of the fanciest and most competitive games on the market – that’s what the kids were searching for!




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