The Scariest Games for PC of All Time

There is a never-ending discussion about the horror gender of video games. Some people say that it is the perfect opportunity to experience the sensation of being scared, while others would just like to stick in their comfort zone without feeling terrified.

If you belong to the first group, you know that this sensational feeling of being scared is within certain, controllable borders.   You know that it is virtual reality and you can cancel it whenever you want, yet it’s not something you should underestimate. If you are one of the people that like horror video games, stick around and try these Slots Devil games on for size, if not, you should probably read another article.


The Last of Us

Naughty Dog had an idea about making an action-adventure horror video game where you control a smuggler named Joel, and your mission is to escort Ellie, a teenage girl, across Post-Apocalyptic America. Get a taste of everything that will appear behind you and everything you need to kill from behind. Hold on tight to the new and invented weapons that will help you overcome every obstacle. What is perfect about this game is that you can go in stealth mode.


Dead Space

One of the most horrifying games out there is Dead Space. There are several interesting facts about this game that you should know. Firstly, the developers of the game studied corpses of people passing away from accidents and fights to be certain about the behaviour of corpses after the death and accurately portraying them in the game. Another thing is that the game never pauses when you look at maps, inventory, or similar things that take you to a new screen. This leaves you vulnerable to the opponents and can never make you feel safe and secure. Beware of the darkness coming towards the end of the game.


Resident Evil

There are several series of Resident Evil, and they are all trying different hats on for size. In every Resident Evil game, there are different reasons why you should be terrified. This game uses Claustrophobia as the main source of fear and the lurching of the unpredictable beasts all around the map as a secondary, supportive, yet similarly scary method.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

With an action and plot that was taken from the Eternal Darkness and perfectly remastered, Amnesia: The Dark Descent offers fantastic evocation of powerful terrifying feelings. Once you see something devilish in the game, you better run, and you better do it quickly.


Silent Hill

Definitely one of the most important games in the horror gender as the experts divided the period before and after Silent Heel. A massive impact on the gaming community with some of the scariest elements that were seen for the first time up to that time. A psychological terror over the player, a constant dread and taboo ideas, and unpredictable ending of the plot and all the elements in the film. If you want to really evoke the terrifying feeling in you, this is your game.

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