Two of the Best Video Game Endings

One of the best parts in video games is the ending. Even though you are aware that you have reached the end, and when you reached the end of the video game, it means you played it and you loved it and even though it means you will no longer play it, it’s a fantastic part of the game. Here, you realize you have done a great job in the game, and you get to see some of the most fantastic action in the games.

Developers always tend to put in a little spice to the end of the games as a reward for playing the game, and such an example is the Cleopatra Slot Game. It’s their way to say thanks for playing my game and puts in a little gift for you.

Some games have a better ending than others, that’s more than obvious. Some may burst you into tears and others will put the best smile you’ve had in a while, but one is certain – the games that we chose to present are definitely some of the most favourites among players, and they had the best reaction from the gamers. See which games we are talking about, and see what you might’ve missed.


God of War

One of the most epic battles you will see in video games is the ultimate battle between Kratos and Ares, the God of War himself. Half the city is destroyed, and because you are participating in the battle itself, it feels almost like reality. The amazing graphics that the game possesses are doing the trick and the intense music is a cherry on top of the chocolate cake. After the legendary battle, Kratos is plucked out from the seas and put on top of Olympus mountain where he is presented as the new God of War.

The only thing that’s not so good in this ending is the fact that everyone knows it’s going to happen as Kratos has been trying too hard for it.


Red Dead Redemption

After playing the game while controlling John on a really intense level, you finally manage to defeat the enemy, quit the job you’ve had and live happily with your wife and kid. You are actually playing the character while he is taking care of the garden and making sure everything around the house is in order.

All of a sudden, dozens of bad guys come on your property and start shooting at you. You order your wife and kid to run away and flee while you try to take down as many as you can. Eventually, John’s character dies, as it’s outnumbered by bullets and men, and he is fighting alone, but you manage to save your wife and kids.

After everything has ended on the shooting land, the game continues with you controlling the son of John, and eventually avenging the death of the main character of the game. The game doesn’t go on for a long after this scene, and it is one of the perfect endings where even though the main character dies, you are still playing the game and being happy that you can avenge him.

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