September’s Top Released Games

It looks like September will be a fantastic month when we are talking about new games and their releases. Here is a list of games that will be released this September (some of them are already out) and see which one fits your needs so you can have an early start!


Total War: Warhammer 2

Total War: Warhammer 2 is the first game from all Total War series that doesn’t talk about a historical event, but creates its own virtual world. It uses the same engine from the previous series and it will be out and available on 28th of September. Choose your class, smash the enemies in unique battles and claim victory over your friends in the multiplayer battles.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Master the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 and you will be a dancing magician such as Ronaldinho on the field. The game is expected to be a lot better since the critics that Konami received for the 2016 and 2017 versions of the Pro Evolution. The Company has been working on this game since 2016, putting an accent on it and it should be one of the best PES games that will battle FIFA for sure!


Pokken Tournament DX

This game is a Pokemon Tournament game that is pretty straightforward and aims to bring back the Pokemon to the shiny spotlight. Tournaments LAN and Online will be held with each character being able to upgrade depending on the points it obtains.



If you thought PES and KONAMI were one step ahead, you have another thing coming. FIFA 18 is set to be released on every possible playable platform on 29th of September and will make a major impact on the Football World. This game will be a serious competition to the high expectations and shiny dreams of PES, so let’s see the gameplay of both and decide which one suits our needs.


Divinity: Original Sin II

It’s been three years from the last Divinity game and this one should really kick some ass. This MMORPG has 1,200 fully voiced characters, in-game shops, Double Bubble Slots to play while you are there, and skill crafting system which wasn’t present in the previous games. It is released on 14th of September, and we can already see some positive feedback from it.



 Destiny 2

The underrated shooter game that doesn’t get as much attention as it should because of the mistake of the developing company made with the previous version. Because of huge delay in releasing the previous Destiny, they decided to release the game before it was finished, and eventually finished it after whole two years while people were playing it.

This caused for many bugs to appear as some of the features were not tested before release, but thanks god, Destiny 2 is tested, and everything is set for a major return to the spotlight from this awesome shooter game. Neglect the previous version, as the guys learned their lesson – Destiny 2 is awesome!



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