Oculus Rift Review

The next step towards the future regarding technology was the invention of VR. With slight modifications, tests and demos, on the first day of August 2012 Oculus Rift was ready. People were more than happy with the design and what it was capable of offering, so it made a huge boom in the tech market.

It was pretty low value at the start, with just 2.4 million dollars raised, and when you compare it to the projects that are happening now with the Oculus Rift, it seems rather funny and paltry. It is all due to Facebook’s acquisition of the project by stunning two billion dollars, after realizing its potential, and they made the right decision.

One of the great things about the Oculus Rift is that it can be connected to almost any platform and on it, you can visit every game, site, and pay every online browse slot game at Slotswise.

Like any new device, you can’t expect it to work without a flaw, and even if it does, it would still have several disadvantages apart from the advantages.

With the redefined design from what used to be the Oculus Rift, it gained a lot of popularity as it looks sharp. A lot of attention has been put on the headset and how comfortable it is, as it will be stuck in your head for several hours in some cases, and nobody wants it to be a painful experience. The touch controllers were somehow unreliable, and they still are the most negative thing on the Oculus Rift. Although redesigned, and they feel great in hand and full every gap perfectly, it may malfunction sometimes.

The motion while in a seated position is something that the guys have to work on, as it is a big issue, and doesn’t register the whole movement of the body and the head. You need to stand up for it to work properly.

Upon the first tests, the Oculus Rift would make slightly uncomfortable feelings on the testers, and the guys were struggling to find out what caused the stomach ache, but when changing several games and testing them, they realized it was the sudden movement that some games possessed that was creating this feeling.

The games that caused these feelings to some of the players were modified and everything was brought to normal when the second time these players tried the games.

Another thing had to go under a change when the tests were done, and that was the way you could control the character’s behaviour in the game, or in other hands, the controllers. With using the Xbox controllers, which we know are some of the best controllers and the ones that are perfect for the hand, sometimes it’s not convenient and comfortable to be played in a VR. This is because the player is not able to see the controls, but with the new Oculus Touch controllers which separate your hands, things are way better.

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