Video Games Parents Can Enjoy With Their Kids

Now here is something for every parent out there that wishes to bound closer to their kids. In the past, it was a walk in the park or throwing the football around, going fishing or camping and various other things that would bring you closer to each other. You can choose to go to the same places as well now, but with the latest technology and the desire of the kids, they’d rather play a game on their new console than go fishing, which honestly, no one as a kid enjoyed.

There are many games that you can be playing with your kid, and they all depend on the age and the gender that both of you prefer. Double Bubble Slots offer a nice gameplay with the ability to entertain both of you and the option to earn some cash for the upcoming weekend football match, but if you want multiplayer games where both of you can play simultaneously, read below.


New Super Mario Brothers Wii

It’s the first game that received the reputation to be a family game, where Mario would often be played by the older sibling while Luigi would be the younger one. It’s a game that can be proudly transferred to the next generation as one of the first games every person on the earth has played, and every new gamer that enters the gaming world has an affinity to play Mario.

This is the perfect chance for every parent to pass a quality good time with his child while both being entertained. What is perfect with this game is that if one of the characters dies, it falls inside a bubble and floats next to the other player for some time, which means the nervous thing of starting all over again after a slight mistake or something your child does is neglected, so you can happily move forward, fool around and be free. It’s a video game after all, and it’s supposed to make you happy.

The most important thing is that Mario was never a violent game and there is no killing the bad guys. There is jumping on turtle’s heads, but it was always presented in a funny and silly way. This is a perfectly safe game for your child.


Rock Band

There are people who are hardcore about the scores, who buy all kinds of different controllers and are relentless when it comes to Rock Band. But actually, when you get to see the game from a different perspective, it is actually a perfect game for a parent and child to play.

First of all, the game has no Fail mode, which means whatever your child does, he will be happy as the song will be playing. Eventually, as time passes by, they will get to play the songs and learn how to play the game, and why not even pick up an instrument with the love you will give them with Rock Band? The best thing is that you will present him with some of the best songs and genders in the music industry.

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