Candy Crush Saga Tricks to Climb the Leaderboard

For over five years, Candy Crush Saga has been the primal addiction to many people and has managed to grasp the attention to the ones that started playing it. And it is clear why, as it is one of the best puzzle games that are out on the market.

Candy Crush Saga can be downloaded and played on a mobile device or directly on Facebook, where you share the same score on the leaderboard. Regardless of the platform that you play on, the difficulty is the same and will not get much easier.

The game is easy to play – a screen full of candies with different shape and colour that are spread around unevenly. Your job is a pretty straightforward one, which is to match the candies with same colour which will explode and make room for new one that will come from the to. There are several bonuses that can be used and symbols that substitute all of the candies in the game which will help you achieve a higher score. Don’t be afraid, as the game starts with a tutorial that will teach you how to play.

Since Candy Crush Saga is a real success, many developing companies tried to copy it. In the big pool of candy and fruit games, you can find some really good and some really bad ones. But do you know that Double Bubble Slot is the one most similar to Candy Crush, and it is made before it? You should definitely check Double Bubble, as it has amazing graphics, super cool gameplay and a chance for you to win amazing prizes.

Now, let’s get to the interesting part and teach you which are the good things you should focus on, and the bad ones that you should avoid.


Make sure you know which combo is the best and which one is the worst.

The Striped + Wrapped combination is one of the top three combinations that you should aim to do. It clears three lines vertically and three horizontally. Striped + Colour Bomb turns all jellies into striped ones and explodes around. And the final one is Colour Bomb + Colour Bomb, which clears the whole level. The best, isn’t it?

On the other hand, you should avoid: Wrapped + Wrapped destroys adjoining blocks two times, which is not a good thing. Colour bomb + Wrapped urns all jellies into wrapped ones, and explodes it. And Striped + Striped destroys all lines horizontally and vertically.


Don’t use the move that the game suggests

Candy Crush Saga tends to “Help” out if for several seconds you don’t make a move. It will highlight a move that is an available one which will help you. But not always the highlighted ones are the best moves on the table. Hold your horses, take a good look around the table, and without rush make a move. When we are beginning to play the game, this move is so tempting, but always keep in mind that most of the time there is a better move than the one highlighted.


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