World of Tanks Introduce 30 vs. 30 Mode

The almighty world of tanks introduces a brand-new battle where teams of 30 will try to make the best possible formation and rule the battleground.

With the latest patch that World of Tanks released, players and their favourite vehicles can test their strength in a larger scaled battleground where 60 tanks will be divided into two teams whose goal is to conquer the battlefield with, what we expect, would result in astonishing and new tactics that we are eager to see. This new battlefield mode is called “Grand Battles” and it gives a whole now complicity to the game.

The new map is called Nebelburg and only tanks with Tier X Rank can enter this battlefield. Once you are inside, there are several things that you can fight about:  the standard Bonds and a brand-new currency that is used for purchasing Directives or better equipment.

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As probably the best Tank game available on PC and the only tank game that made an impact in the gaming community after the legendary Tanks for Nintendo, it’s good that it receives new content that drags the players to it and keeps the existing ones.

World of Tanks in this latest update also received a nice addition to the Chinese tanks of the game with nine new, long-awaited tanks that are now officially available for the players to pick.

Furthermore, in the announcement of the official release, the Marketing Director of World of Tanks Max Chuvalov said that this was a really exciting step for them and they were impatient to see what the reaction would be after the release. They needed a lot of help from players during the beta testing, and the tests were smooth and without a flaw. The guys have been preparing for this a long time, and the players were waiting for this new model for the same amount of time. During the feedback, the guys from the World of Tanks team were accepting every single feedback, whether it was a positive or negative one, giving every player a value and seeing whether they can make an improvement inside the game.

For those with no idea about the game, World of Tanks is a 3D WWII Massive Multiplayer Online game where epic tank battles are happening. The key things are the strategic gameplay, teamwork and support with up to 30 players in a team as of the latest patch.

Wargaming is proud to develop such a game that is ranking high in the gaming industry, and as of 12th of April 2011 (release date in both Europe and America), it has made a significant impact on the MMO games gender in the gaming community. Check it out!


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