Board Games inspired by Video Games


In recent years, board games have become a major hit, and many new games have come out that are satisfying the lover of this inventive, entertaining and socialising game. Nowadays, more and more games are coming out that are inspired by video games, and this is perfect for the video game lovers as they have a chance to socialize while playing their favourite games.

On the other hand, the board game lovers are experiencing something that they haven’t before, as the classic board games are enhanced, and made better, the stories are amazing and they get to play on a new level.

Before going through to the board games, don’t forget to check the similar games that can be found on and get inspired by which board game you would like to choose and play.


Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game

Fantasy Flight have made an astonishing move by recreating the well-known Sid Meier’s Civilization into a board game. The video game with many sequences has a big database of huge fans that will most definitely go after the board game.

In this board game, you start off from a small village, and you need to take over the world, just like in all the Civilization video games.


Resident Evil Deck Building Game

Technically a card game that falls under the category of a board game, Resident Evil Deck Building Game is here to entertain all the fan outside of the computer screens. It is pretty similar to the iOS game called Ascension, where you build your deck of cards and while the game goes in your fight against your opponent with the stats that the game offers while trying to win.


StarCraft Board Game

Choose one of the factions: Protoss, Zerg or Human, place your planets on the map and be as unique as it could be. That will guarantee you a paved road to success.

There are countless of combinations with this board game, inspired by one of the best real-time strategy games of all time.

You can also research new technologies that will affect your combat abilities, you can upgrade your ships and you can move around planets to position yourself for the best possible setup that will lead you to victory.

This is one of the most complicated board games on the market, and it is surely one that will beat the classical Monopoly in playing hours.


Batman: Arkham City Escape Board Game

Since Batman is awesome, it is present almost everywhere. In movies, video games, and now in board games as well.

This is a game that is played with 2 or more players where one plays Batman, and the others play 20 different villains where your job is to escape from Batman and the city.

By capturing villains, Batman earns points, while the villains work in between themselves to earn points, which can later be used to help you with whichever your mission is.


Which one is your best? Let us know below.


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