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3 movies to enjoy for Father’s Day

3 movies to enjoy for Father’s Day

Netflix offers a wide selection of titles worthy of a movie marathon for all audiences.

The theme of the three selected films has to do with family ties, relationships between father and son, and some other drama that the characters will have to face. There are categories for all tastes, from cartoons to dramas and comedies.

The first recommendation is a Netflix production, an animated film that tells the incredible adventure of the Mitchell family the day the smart devices of the city are revealed to humans. A fun proposal that will surely win over the smallest members of the household at first sight. “The Mitchell Family vs. the machines ”, is directed by Michael Rianda and Jeff Rowe.

Another of the most recommended titles for this family weekend is a classic: ” Liar, Liar “, it is likely that many have already seen it, but this is an excellent opportunity to relive this story that has Jim Carrey as its protagonist . The multifaceted actor will tell us the story of a father who will do the unthinkable to regain the trust of his family. Along with Maura Tierney, Jennifer Tilly, and Cary Elwes, director Tom Shadyac will provoke laughter and deep reflections on the family.

Finally a slightly newer proposal, it is “Story of a marriage”, a film about a theater director and his actress wife struggling to keep their marriage stable. Directed by Noah Baumbach it stars Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, Laura Dern, Ashley Robertson, and Alan Alda. An option with many awards for the actors and the script. Ideal to spend a Sunday afternoon enjoying the best cinema.


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