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4 Amazing TV Shows from UK Netflix You Probably Missed

4 Amazing TV Shows from UK Netflix You Probably Missed

Netflix video streaming service gives you a wide range of TV shows, documentaries, and movies to choose from – and this is a good thing.

However, in most cases we find ourselves spending the entire evening shuffling through a wide selection of TV shows trying to choose something suitable before we realize that we don’t actually have any time left to watch a TV show.

Never worry! We’ve checked through the Netflix UK library to bring you the best TV shows, from action-packed adventures to side-splitting comedies. Here are 4 Amazing TV Shows from UK Netflix You Probably Missed:

The Queens Gambit

Despite arriving at a time when the covid-19 pandemic was ravaging the world, the Queen’s Gambit is one of Netflix’s best series of 2020. Featuring Anya Taylor-Joy who stars as a chess champion and a prodigy with a natural inclination for the game, the TV show is set in the 1960s and has largely focused on telling a story. Evocative, funny, and inspiring, this is a great TV show that reminds us of the incredible Netflix shows.

The Last Dance

Perhaps the most celebrated sportsperson of all time, Michael Jordan helped the Chicago Bulls win several NBA championships back in the 1990s and was the face of one of the most popular sneaker brands and a star in Hollywood. However, in 1998, it was the end of an era with Jordan hanging his boots. This incredible 10 part series tells the story of Jordan’s rise from a rookie to a global NBA superstar.

The Last Dance isn’t just appealing to sports and basketball fans, but to everyone who loves a story that’s well told and a sneak-peek into the singular mind of the superstars like Michael Jordan. Individuals looking for a nostalgic journey to the 1990s will not also be disappointed.


Featuring highly tensed scenes, similar to those witnessed in the award-winning TV show breaking bad, Ozark follows Laura Linney’s and Jason Bateman wrangling couple as they launder money for the merciless and brutal drug cartel. After Bateman’s financial advisor embarks on a risky plan to launder the dirty money in rural Missouri, the family immediately started to rebuild their life in one of America’s most destitute cities. Soon after, the murderous Mexican cartel just becomes one of the many problems the family has to deal with.

Filmed with bags of squalor and brooding on show, Ozark makes for a great watch.


One of Netflix’s most critically acclaimed original TV shows released in 2015, Narcos tells the story of Pablo Escobar, a Colombian kingpin and the man tasked with the responsibility of taking him down.

Although Narcos doesn’t have much with regards to light-relief, watching Steve Murphy, the American DEA agent submerged himself in a savagely unprincipled drain in a constant thrill. What seemed like a perfectly minded exercise in the crime melodrama is elevated to a nerve-shredding nirvana through classy performances and disturbing use of the archive footage.


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