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All the movies and tv shows Meghan Markle starred in

All the movies and tv shows Meghan Markle starred in

She’s Meghan from Sussex now, but her acting career before Harry’s engagement is surprising

The ways of life are surprising. Many times there is commitment, time, and energy to follow a course that is believed to be definitive. But the truth is that nothing is forever. Without a doubt, this is what happened to Meghan Markle . And it is obvious that more than once.

Not only did he cease to be His Royal Highness, a decision that by the way was made known to the public as almost a serial novel. There was also another great cut in her life: stop being an actress to join in marriage with the, then, Prince Harry of England.

The rumor that circulates is that that turn began at the same time that Harry fell platonically in love with the American actress, who had initially seen only on screen. In 2016 they were going to meet in person one summer.

He had already had her on the radar for two years for the series Suits (2011-2019), in which Meghan played a tenacious and sensual law student with strong convictions.

The meeting happened thanks to a matchmaker, Markus Anderson, a friend of both. It was at Soho House 76 Dean Street in London. That day the crush was as concrete as it was mutual.

It was the exact date that her acting career was put aside to live her love story.

Although after the departure of the Crown and the recovery of the reins of his life, everyone is betting that he can return to star in fiction, something that he was really good at.

Here, a review of their appearances in each of them.

Suits (2011-2019)

We start with the most recent and well-known. The legal-themed series ran for 7 seasons in which Meghan as Rachel Zane, a college-bound legal counselor with an exam panic who meets Mike Ross (Patrik J. Adams).

He is a brilliant lawyer with a murky past when, due to a fortuitous event, he is discovered by one of the most important lawyers of the Firm, who takes him to work for him.

Much Like Love (2005)

His character in this movie doesn’t even have a name. However, her role in trying to seduce Ashton Kutcher does not go unnoticed.

CSI: New York (2006)

Although it was participation, Meghan made the talk when she intervened in the story of the well-known series that portrays the world of forensic experts.

Her role was that of Verónica Pérez, a girl who performed cleaning tasks who got into a lot of trouble. Perhaps the producers have seen her there to call her for Suits.

Deal or no deal (2007)

That year and under an Endemol format, Meghan participated in a game show for television. There the public could see her without the veil of fiction involved, appreciate her spontaneity and freshness before the cameras.

Fringe (2008)

The science fiction series led her to be an attractive young FBI agent. Another good precedent to be summoned for Suits, where she definitely rose to fame and managed to be valued for her talent, in addition to her great beauty.

The Fantastic Car (2009)

It was brief participation, but her role as a fighter under the name Annie Ortiz was something memorable. She prepared her performance with strict prior training in the ring.

The Candidate (2010)

The mystery short film has her as one of its protagonists. Her character was named Kat.

Castle (2012)

After Suits came to the 8-season detective series Castle. Meghan played a serial killer in a couple of chapters.

Random Encounters (2013)

Meghan is Mindy in this romantic comedy and she is one of the main characters.

Anti-social (2015)

It is a suspense film where Meghan has a leading role. The story portrays the adventures of two brothers, one of whom goes out with her.

In addition, Meghan Markle appeared in films such as Deceit (2006), Good Behavior (2008), The Apostles (2008), Remember Me (2010), The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down (2010), I want to kill my boss (2011 ), Dysfunctional Friends (2012) and Dater’s Handbook (2016) and in the series Married with Children that had seasons between 1987 and 1997.


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