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Canceling Dragon Ball is “erasing the problem” according to an anime specialist

Canceling Dragon Ball is “erasing the problem” according to an anime specialist

An anime specialist criticizes that Cartoon Network’s Dragon Ball Super has been raised after the complaint made by the Ministry of Women, Gender Policies and Sexual Diversity of the province of Buenos Aires.

“To attract attention does not seem bad to me, since I do not see a scene like this on a children’s channel as correct and everyone is free to question whatever it is,” says Akira Kaneto, who makes anime videos and dubbing. It refers to the recent complaint and subsequent cancellation of the Dragon Ball Superb series, which was broadcast by Cartoon Network. “What seems wrong to me is that a level of the complaint is reached and that is why the channel has decided to remove the series since it seems to me a badly thought out logistically measure, it is much more sensible to disclaimer or do something with the scene or the chapter, removing something directly deletes the problem, showing that what you also end up achieving is the anger of many people and the reaction on social networks, “he adds.

With more than 250 thousand followers on TikTok, he is one of the references to anime in Argentina. He is the son of Japanese, he learned the language from a young age and grew up watching cartoons that his parents brought from Japan or his relatives sent him. As a teenager, Akira began to translate and comment on them, gaining fame among lovers of Japanese culture. That is why the theme challenges him: anime is essential in his life.

From the complaint that the Ministry of Women, Gender Policies and Sexual Diversity of the province of Buenos Aires made for the episode of the new season of Dragon Ball Super, Akira made some (few) statements on Twitter. “How scary when they discover that Goku is an abandoned father,” he said for example. And in another message, he affirmed: “It still makes me laugh that just in that scene Roshi was ‘Deconstructing'”.

Akira points out over and over again that anime isn’t necessarily childish. And beyond the cultural bias, he explains that in Argentina and Japan the audiences are different. “Although anime is something that globally has been growing in its consumption by leaps and bounds, the target audience is still Japanese and I am not saying that in Japan these things are well regarded, but it is not too much attention since it has a more conservative mentality in some things, “he explains.

This is not the first time that Dragon Ball Z is questioned. In March the series was canceled in Spain and on multiple occasions, this and other anime series received criticism for the violence of their scenes. He does not believe that the complaint made this week, which led to the cancellation of the series, is necessarily the result of a cultural change. “In this case, it was not a social aspect such as questioning or a wake-up call, but state and business movements. It is that they no longer know what is right, what is wrong and they do not know what the correct action is, so they opt for the simplest, which is to erase. There is a reality that is that there are so many positions, subjectivities, and interpretations that the media sometimes end up taking cancellations without needing to stop themselves, the clearest case is what happened with the chapter of ‘ Dungeons & Dragons from the Community series on Netflix “, he develops.

Finally, he explains what the scene that triggered the controversy is about: “Although Dragon Ball is a shonen (anime aimed at children), the characters of” Old Green “exist and the reality is that it leaves you uncomfortable, but in I saw someone on Twitter ( @naotonakasone ) who said that unlike Olmedo and Porcel’s jokes, here the characters who do an act of this nature end up getting what they deserve in most cases (they beat them) and it is understood that they are wrong but at the same time it contrasts the strength that they show in the future “, he details and continues with his explanation:

“In this scene, the joke in question is that they ‘screw Roshi’ and the character is not even a human being but Puar, a mythological cat of many years that is transformed. Even the idea of ​​the chapter is to” remove “the character those acts of old green and if you saw the entire series it is understood from that side, since the target of Dragon Ball Super is people who have already consumed the previous sagas, for something this saga has so many references to the old series, “he says.

Finally, he recognizes that “that scene alone does make noise on a children’s channel, which is even worse with the dubbing. What seems wrong to me is to remove the whole series instead of doing something only with the scene or chapter. Dragon Ball does not it is that scene, but an adventure story, which teaches many values ​​and encourages many people to get ahead, “he concludes.


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