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Carlos Tevez on vacation: He went to a winery … but not to drink wine

Carlos Tevez on vacation: He went to a winery … but not to drink wine

The scorer from Boquense was with his family walking through Mendoza and in his raid of experiences this time he decided to visit a winery but instead of tasting wines he became enthusiastic about another product and encouraged a tasting. We tell you where he went now and what interested him.

The admirers of Carlitos Tévez are on edge. The ” Apache ” himself was the one who declared that, despite having left Boca Juniors , that did not mean that his career was finished; however nothing is known about his future.

Sports journalists and specialized newspapers cross information and rumors. Some ventured to say that Tevez would land in Major League Soccer, an interesting space. The truth is that, as Olé informs, the book of passes in the United States closes next week, and if the dimes and directs are correct, and Carlos decides for the country of the north and the MLS; there would be news in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the soccer star is still in Mendoza with his family enjoying himself and on vacation. To the long list of activities, which includes visits to wineries, elegant restaurants, rafting, hot air balloon ride, horseback riding, and more; a tasting of olive oil was added.

It is that the Boquense forever left yesterday for the department of Maipú, the cradle of Argentine wine, and specifically to the Santa Julia winery, where in addition to enjoying lunch at the famous restaurant ” La Casa del Visitante ” with his wife Vanesa and her children; he was very interested in the olive oil production plant that also works there.

It is because of this surprising interest that Miguel Zuccardi , who is the specialist on the subject and the one who carries out this division of the Zuccardi world, led a tasting and toured the production plant with Tevez. It should be noted that in Fray Luis Beltrán , the district where the farm is located, about 80 hectares of olive trees are cultivated through a certified organic production system.

Tevez learned that varieties that had been planted in Mendoza for a long time, such as Frantoio, Arauco, and Manzanilla Criolla, were originally cultivated and that later they were replaced. In 2013 they incorporated the Changlot variety and a few years later the Picual and Coratina varieties arrived. In addition, they grow 90 different varieties on the farms for research and study purposes.


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