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England’s Most Popular Music Festivals

England’s Most Popular Music Festivals

It wasn’t very clear as to whether many music festivals would happen in 2021. Nonetheless, since most of the lockdown restrictions were lifted on 19th July 2021, the England music festival industry is optimistic that most of the festivals will go ahead as planned.

We aren’t just trying to get your hopes up, we are just saying that you should get ready to enjoy the British festival soon enough. So, you can pack your bags, the outfits, and the glitter you’ve been holding from last year. What’s a better way to pleather bum bags and wack out the neon eyeliners than during England’s most popular music festivals?

If coronavirus pandemic has you worried about traveling overseas, fear not – there is a wide range of heavenly music on British soil. You don’t have to book a flight to enjoy your favorite wine or spend lots of money to celebrate life.

In this post, we come bearing great news for all music lovers, partying, or those who generally love the outdoors. Below is our list of the most popular music festivals in the UK. These music festivals are a mixture of good music, outdoorsy vibes, excitement, and fun.

We’ve listed the top UK music festivals so that you can mark your calendar and get ready!

YAM Carnival

First, we have the YAM carnival to be held in Clapham Common, London. The most exciting thing about this music festival is that it happens at the end of august, which means you can enjoy great weather. Starting on August 28, the festival has lots of amusement to offer.

Whether you’re in London for pleasure, college or business, you shouldn’t miss out on the YAM carnival. The African diaspora is also celebrated during this festival, including different elements. From music to different delusion cuisines from Latin America and the rest of the world, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy every second you spend here.

Field Day

Field Day is one festival that every Briton shouldn’t miss out on. Famous artists who’ll be performing include Floorplan, DJ Seinfeld, and Ross from Friends, Bicep, Madonna, George Fitzgerald, and more.

Many clubs and promoters are part of this great music festival. As a result; Field Day features beautiful music and other incredible live performances, chances to explore various genres, and DJ performances.

From techno to hip-hop, there’s a lot that will get your blood rushing. Field Day will be held on 29th august in victoria park, London.

Mint Festival

When you think about the most popular music festivals in England, you can’t actually proceed without considering the exciting Mint Festival. Taking place every September, the Mint Festival is another great festival for UK residents to enjoy.

The lineup features many famous artists including Ricardo Villalobos, DXNBY, Eats Everything, Magnetic, Amelie Lens, Patrick Topping, Dax J, and Maya Jane Coles.

Unfortunately, in 2002 because of the upsurge of covid-19 infection rates, the festival had to be postponed, but it looks like it will be coming back, better and stronger this year.

Brixton Disco Festival

Are you looking for the most exciting disco festival that comes with great music and a fantastic setting? We recommend that you prepare for the popular Brixton Disco Festival.

As the name implies, it’s held in Brixton on 8th and 9th October and has enough disco to get your adrenaline rush.

There will be tons of delicious food and drinks, live music, and live screenings for revelers to enjoy. With the POW Brixton Rooftop and Windrush Square, there will be lots of fun.

With the covid-19 crisis going away, it’s time to get back our lives. You shouldn’t miss out on these top music festivals.


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