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From the screen to the letters: 3 Netflix series are transformed into books

From the screen to the letters: 3 Netflix series are transformed into books

Thanks to an agreement between Grupo Planeta and Netflix, the successful Spanish series ‘Elite’, ‘La casa de papel’ and ‘La casa de las flores’ will have their own literary sagas

The phenomenon of streaming does not completely rule out traditional formats, and they even tend to work together to enhance their products and reach a larger audience. With this premise, Netflix and Grupo Planeta signed an editorial agreement a few months ago that will materialize the publication of books based on the series on that platform.

The fruits will finally begin to be seen from next November 26 , when the first titles will arrive in bookstores in Spain and Latin America : Elite: at the back of the class, a novel by Abril Zamora (Editorial Planeta); La casa de papel, an escape book by Ivan Tapia (Lunwerg Editores); and the official fan books of Elite and La casa de las flores (both in Dome Books).

According to Planeta, this quadruple launch “is the starting signal for an ambitious editorial plan that will expand the narrative and creative universes of three of the most popular series in Spanish” from Netflix.

In that sense, the agreement plans to edit several sagas of the aforementioned series, especially in the form of a spin-off and that will feedback as they progress in time.

The first books

Elite: at the bottom of the class | The first official novel. This spin-off of the popular Spanish series appears between the second season and the third that is yet to come. The plot focuses on characters that do not appear on the screen, although some of its protagonists do have a presence in the story. The author is Abril Zamora, scriptwriter of the Elite series.

The Money Heist. Escape book | The teacher’s diary.

This escape book, based on the most successful Spanish series of the moment, revolves around the figure of Sergio Marquina, better known as the Professor. The riddles to be solved are constructed from frames from the three available seasons. Created by Ivan Tapia, renowned puzzle designer, and creator of successful escape books in Spanish and English.

Elite. The official fanbook | An exclusive book with more than 200 photographs of the series.

This work invites you to delve into the process of creating the series: script, characters, sets, music, costumes … A book created by and for fans, which looks at the details of the plot, the making off of the series, and collects anecdotes and curiosities.

The house of flowers. The official fanbook | All the secrets.

The book opens the door to the curiosities and secrets behind this series in which nothing is what it seems. La casa de las flores talks to the viewer with an ironic, carefree, and fully current speech that connects with current issues: homosexuality, acceptance, self-love, diversity, empathy, or resilience. And he does it with endearing characters, as convincing as they are surreal. This fanbook collects all the content, the language, and the setting of the series, which has nothing to envy the best telenovela.


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