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How the Successful Football Players Vacation

How the Successful Football Players Vacation

After a crammed season of playing non-stop cup and league matches, the most famous footballers have been enjoying the well-deserved vacation in some of the best holiday destinations around the world.

Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovich, and Cristiano Ronaldo are some of the biggest names in football that have been seen jetting off for summer to some of the world’s most mind-blowing destinations before training starts ahead of their league fixtures. From busy city centers to seaside wonders, footballers opt to go for holidays in the best places. So, let’s take a closer look at how these successful football players vacation.

Lionel Messi – Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain isn’t just a holiday destination for party animals. Many football players love spending their free time in the area. This includes soccer stars like Sergio Ramos, Ozil, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and many others.

Lionel Messi really likes vacationing in Ibiza, so much that the ex-Barcelona star decided to buy a hotel, the Es Vive. The hotel includes a rooftop bar and a luxury pool. While the Es Vive is quite stunning, it isn’t cheap, as it will cost you £509.11 per night. For sure, this isn’t a hotel destination for an ordinary Ibiza party animal.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Cannes, France

As you already know, Ibrahimovic enjoys the finest things in life. One of them being the most beautiful part of France. He lives it up by jumping from a private Jet into a Yacht.

Such a holiday doesn’t come cheap because restaurants usually tend to be relatively pricey, but some of the scenes in this area are without a doubt pristine. Ile Sainte-Marguerite and Lerins Island can easily drop any reveler’s jaw. Ile Saint-Honorat is a beautiful tourist destination. If you fancy incredible beach views, then you should head to Cannes, France.

Paul Pogba – LA, California

The Manchester United player loves to enjoy his holidays in Los Angeles, California. This is where the French superstar celebrated his world cup victory. He was in full party mode and made some stops in Nice Guys nightclub; with reports by the Daily Mail showing Pogba left the nightclub in the wee hours.

Neymar – South Africa

Alongside his sister, son, and mother, Neymar vacationed in South Africa in 2015. Before South Africa, he had made stops in Las Vegas, Barcelona and ended up in the Sun City resort.

Although the world cup was a letdown for the footballer, he has been able to rewrite most of the wrongs in PSG.

Cristiano Ronaldo – French Riviera

Much like Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo likes spending his holidays on a private yacht. In the past, the Juventus striker has vacationed in Las Vegas. Nonetheless, the Portuguese have since swapped Las Vegas for something else. According to Metro, Ronaldo and his wife, Georgina Rodriguez spent their summer on a private yacht in the French Riviera.

Considering his great profile as a global football icon, it isn’t surprising that the Ballon d’Or Winner likes spending his free time on the beaches of Saint-Tropez. Widely known for its picturesque beaches and tranquility, Ronaldo won’t be the last soccer superstar to enjoy the peaceful nature of this French town.


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