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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Zoom with William and Kate Middleton

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Zoom with William and Kate Middleton

A specialized journalist revealed what the virtual encounters between brothers and their wives are like, and also told how they do to “bring positions closer together and leave conflicts in the past.

Finally raising the fences. That is the attitude that Prince Harry and Prince William have decided to take to get closer, despite the kilometers – or miles – of distance that physically separate them.

According to royal expert Stewart Pearce, Meghan Markle and Duchess Kate Middleton are also taking the same path. The objective? Breaking William and Kate’s strained relationship with Harry and Meghan, following the decision to retire from the crown.

“I know the four of them are talking to each other. He does it through Zoom and FaceTime,” the author of Diana: The Voice of Change told Us Weekly magazine. He also assured that especially the brothers, “are very close to each other.”

Harry, 36, and his wife Meghan, 40, are very different from William and Kate, both 39. “Their vision of the world is different for each of the couples, but it is remarkable that they now have the idea. to fully respect each other, “the journalist specified.

Pearce also said that conversations between royal couples are “informal.” “While they chat, Kate is cooking dinner in the kitchen and her husband is pouring some cups of tea. Virtual way, across the ocean, the Sussexes connect.”

The brothers’ difficult relationship has fascinated fans of the British royal family for years. Harry first hinted that he and the Duke of Cambridge were “on different paths” in the October 2019 ITV documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey. Months later, he and his actress wife announced their plans to retire from their high royal positions.

“William was surprised by that decision and the statement of Harry and Meghan,” said the press at the time. “William was incredibly hurt, but at the same time he decided to focus on his own family.”

Tensions continued to escalate when Archewell’s co-founders moved to California with their son, Archie , now 2, in March 2020. They initially moved to Los Angeles before settling in the Montecito neighborhood of Santa Barbara , and since then They have welcomed their 2-month-old daughter Lilibet.


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