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Simply fascinating: The 10 best series of the past 18 years

Simply fascinating: The 10 best series of the past 18 years

There have been quite a few good series in the past 18 years. But only a few of them were really gripping until the end. On the occasion of our 18th birthday, we’re showing you the best series since 2003. One or two titles may surprise you.

A good series has to be captivating. From the first minute on. It has to cast a spell over the audience. With pictures as well as with a fascinating story. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often. And that’s why current TV series are often no more than dull average. Well suited for bridging boring train journeys or long flights, but less suitable for the best TV entertainment at prime time. But there are also exceptions that are convincing.


On the occasion of inside digital’s 18th birthday , we took a look at which series has been the most popular with fans around the world over the past 18 years. And unsurprisingly, the drama series “Breaking Bad” takes first place in the film and series database of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). The story about the transformation of a staid chemistry teacher suffering from lung cancer into a ruthless criminal thrilled many fans around the world between 2008 and 2013 in a total of five seasons.

In second place: “Band of Brothers: We were like brothers”. This series, which celebrated its premiere in Germany in the year inside digital was founded, in 2003, consists of only one season with ten episodes despite its great popularity. It depicts the events of World War II between 1942 and 1945 from the perspective of several US soldiers. So to speak, the bronze rank in the current IMDb ranking is secured by the still quite new Sky production “Chernobyl” from 2019, which staged the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 in a rather visually stunning way.


Breaking Bad (2008-2013 / 5 seasons / 9.4 out of 10 points)

Band of Brothers: We Were Like Brothers (2001/1 season / 9.4)

Chernobyl (2019/1 season / 9.4)

The Wire (2002-2008 / 5 seasons / 9.3)

Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (2011-2019 / 8 seasons / 9.2)

Rick and Morty (since 2013/5 seasons so far / 9.1)

Sherlock (2010-2017 / 4 seasons / 9.0)

SCAM 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story ( 2020/1 season / 9.0)

A good person (2018/1 season / 8.9)

Firefly: The Dawn of the Serenity ( 2002/1 season / 8.9)

When looking at this table, it is important that it is only a snapshot. And nobody should forget that many series such as “Lost”, “Man in the High Castle” or “The Walking Dead” has had a strong start, but unfortunately decline with each season sequel. Accordingly, they are not even mentioned in the IMDb’s top list with at least 250 titles. Badly designed series endings in particular usually ensure that not just individual episodes but the entire series are mercilessly devalued in the relevant databases on the Internet.


By the way: The two nature documentaries “One Earth – Many Worlds” (9.5) from 2016 and “Planet Earth” (9.4) from 2006 were rated even better as “Breaking Bad” in the IMDb. This is only mentioned in passing because we really want to focus on the best (fictional) TV series at this point. And if they are also interested in the best films of the past 18 years – we have put together a current hit list for you for this too.


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