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The artistic debut of Shakira’s children with their mother on Instagram garners praise around the world

The artistic debut of Shakira’s children with their mother on Instagram garners praise around the world

Young children of 6 and 8 years old already show signs of the talent that runs through their veins.

Shakira , singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, businesswoman, and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, seems to have inherited her great talent from her children as these children surprised the world with their dance steps. The Colombian philanthropist is also known as the “Queen of Latin Pop” since she is considered a world icon of Latin music due to her repercussion on the music scene, from her debut in the 90s to the present day.

The Colombian singer has an artistic career of more than 30 years, in which she has sold more than 80 million albums and singles, which makes her one of the artists with the highest record sales in history. This is due to the great talent of Shakira , a talent that her own children would have inherited according to her most recent Instagram post .

The children’s artistic skills were demonstrated as Shakira shared a video of her and her children, Milan and Sasha, dancing the challenge to the song “In Da Getto” by J Balvin. The artist’s children are the product of her love with the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, with whom she has been in a relationship since 2011. Thus, in September 2012, Shakira confirmed that they were both expecting their first child Milan, who was born in January 2013 , and later to their second son Sasha, who was born in January 2015.

The children of Shakira and Pique currently are 8 and 6 years , respectively, despite the talent and grace to dance runs through his veins. Thanks to this, the little children stole the hearts of their mother’s millions of followers on Instagram , a social network in which the artist has more than 70 million fans.

The Colombian singer shared the video of her and her children performing the choreography of the hit from the comfort of her home. About it, Shakira wrote: “’In Da Getto’ with my new dancers”. Faced with the clear talent of the children, the followers of the artist demonstrated their love with comments such as: “My God, that is thoroughbred Barranquilla, spectacular how they dance”, “I fell in love”, “So beautiful and big”, “How handsome They are your children! ”, among others. So far the video of the little dancers has more than 22 million views on Instagram .


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