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What Can We Expect from the Avengers in the Next few Years?

What Can We Expect from the Avengers in the Next few Years?

By the time the curtains came down on Avengers: Endgame, the Iron Man and Black Widow choose to sacrifice their lives to bring others back and stop Thanos, Hawkeye reunited with his lost family, Rogers spent the better part of his life with his partner, Bruce Banner left with only one arm and Thor decided to find himself.

It’s true to say the first version of the Avengers ended with many in the team either in retirement or dead. Nonetheless, the mere fact that the Avengers team is no more doesn’t mean that Marvel and Disney Studios won’t be making the Avengers films any sooner. This means a new team would be formed and so does its leadership.

A New Team

We can’t write about possible leaders of the Avengers without mentioning big names in the industry such as Luke Cage, Black Knight, and Monica Rambeau. Each of these characters has led heroic teams in several comics and it’s highly likely they will soon be featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

For good reasons, Black Knight and Monica Rambeau have not yet properly appeared in the MCU, which makes it hard for them to be featured as leaders in the next Avengers movie mainly because the audience wouldn’t be so welcoming to the fresh faces.

But Luke Cage already made an appearance in the Marvel TV show produced by Netflix from 2016 – 2018. The show, which had his name, was made out of the influence of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, thus making it doubtful that they would again make Luke Cage the leader of Avengers.

Another superstar who can be featured in the next Avengers as a leader is James “Rhodey” Rhodes also known as War Machine. He has been with the company from the start. He wasn’t just Tony Stark’s friend, but he was the franchise War Machine for about 10 years. The reason we haven’t featured him on our list is that his contract playing the role of Don Cheadle, expired after he was featured in the Avengers: Endgame. It’s unlikely the franchise would extend his contract to have him become the new leader for just one Avengers movie. Moreover, although Don Cheadle is a very beloved character, he has only played a supporting character in the MCU and never a staring role.


Thor is the last remaining Avenger who is still in one piece, having featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy and turning down Asgards throne twice. As one of the remaining Avengers, one may expect him to take up the leadership mantle, but Thor’s character is largely curved in doubting himself and rejection of leadership.

However, Chris Hemsworth is the main reason why he is not likely to become the Avengers leader. It’s not clear how long he will continue to play the Thor character because he has already renewed his contract for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Stephen Strange – Doctor Strange

With Doctor Strange, we now have a better candidate for who can lead the Avengers team. From a selfish man who refused to operate on patients because he thought it could hurt his elegant world, to a selfless who could give his life to save the world.

Nonetheless, based on what the audience sees in this character, it’s not clear whether Doctor Strange will be comfortable to lead a team of heroes, most of whom aren’t used to confronting magical threats or aren’t familiar with magic.

Carol Denver’s – Captain Marvel

Besides Doctor Strange and Thor, Carol Denver has enough experience as a hero to lead the Avengers team. She has been captaining Marvel for almost 3 decades traveling the galaxy and helping the Skrulls find their new home, and in the process overthrowing the Supreme Intelligence and helping many other worlds across the cosmos.

From what she said in the Avengers: Endgame when she first met the Avengers, she has even made contacts and allies throughout the galaxy. Carol is confident that the resources they have would help find Thanos.

However, two things that might prevent Carol from becoming a leader of the Avengers is that she prefers to work alone and her intent to focus on the cosmic threats.


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