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Why People Tend to Watch More TV Shows than Movies in 2021

Why People Tend to Watch More TV Shows than Movies in 2021

Forget what you may have read or heard about films dominance over the small screens. TV shows have more to teach films about breaking new talent, storytelling, and characterization.

Movies vs. TV shows, what’s better for entertainment?

Over the past few years, movies have become much longer. The main reason for this is that if something is worthwhile, people want more of it and don’t mind spending more time watching it. On the other hand, TV shows have improved on quality, with the streaming platforms becoming more popular, and binge-watching has now become a norm. So, why are people watching more TV shows than movies in 2021?

Here are reasons why people tend to watch more TV shows than movies:

Character Growth

One of the biggest reasons why more people are switching to TV shows instead of movies is the growth a character gets during the TV show. A longer TV series had the potential to let a character grow and mature. Although movie characters also grow, there is more substantial growth in textures in series.


With so many stories going on and many characters, TV shows make it hard for viewers to correctly guess what will happen next. Furthermore, many of the TV shows you see today have different seasons, which make every episode begin with a news story, hence creating more room for different plot twists. Unpredictability is another main reason, which makes TV shows superior to movies.

Superb Pastime

TV shows usually act as a great hobby for many people, particularly for people who aren’t very social and miss out on movie nights each weekend. Just get your favorite TV series, take a seat and relax as you watch the show on any of the major streaming platforms. Watching your favorite series from the comfort of your living room will make the experience more enjoyable.


Before a film reaches the production phase, there are many things that the creative directors need to consider. Finding the right audience is one of the most important things they must do. As a creative head, you aren’t sure whether the audience will like the entire storyline squeezed into a 2-hour movie. However, this is very different when it comes to TV shows. There are plenty of variations and more experiments done with different genres on several platforms, leaving lots of options for the audience.

Complex Stories

With several seasons, a great TV show often involves a complex storyline. It’s one of the reasons why many people prefer watching TV shows to movies. For example, you start watching a series with only one character, and by the time you get to the third season, there are more than five characters, a housekeeper, girlfriend, a love triangle, enemies trying to kill each other, and such. See the difference the TV shows have. With movies, you only get 2 or 3 hours to wrap up everything; there is no enough room for the story to evolve.


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